Creating your own décor style to make a beautiful home - metal signs & wall art

Creating your own décor style to make a beautiful home - metal signs & wall art

Building the home of your dreams takes time. Discovering and understanding your décor style and design preferences also takes time, and some trial and error! To help you on your journey to creating your perfect home, we’ve outlined some of the most popular décor styles of the past decade:


  • It’s no secret that Chip and Joanna Gaines were at the forefront of the farmhouse chic resurgence. They revitalized the style to fit modern tastes, and the farmhouse love continues still! The current trend...custom metal signs.At its core, farmhouse décor style is inspired by the countryside and our connection to the land. Farmhouse style takes rustic, everyday items and elevates them with simple yet sophisticated touches. Reclaimed and distressed wood, neutral palettes with soft splashes of color and texture, and matte black metals often make an appearance in farmhouse-inspired interiors.
  • Deer in the Woods - Steel Sign
  • You’ll also likely to find another infamous staple to farmhouse style: white shiplap. This wide, horizontal wood paneling was originally used for the exterior of barns and sheds. Today, shiplap is mostly used in interiors as an accent wall or as shelving.
  • Do you like creating cozy spaces with rustic but refined décor? Then farmhouse’s blend of timeless and modern comforts may be your perfect fit! Explore more styling options with our collection farmhouse metal art!

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